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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Miss GrunFemale/Malaysia Group :iconmalaysiandears: MalaysianDeArs
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I think I'll write it here.

These are my current status.
:iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconrequestsask: :iconcollabsfriendsonly: :icontradesopen:

Okay here goes

:la: Commision Points Paymenntt~ :la:

I may ask for more points, it depends on how difficult the commission is.
After I agree/accept on doing it, please pay up. I'll finish it up, seriously~~!!
Or you can give me your e-mail for previews.


:bulletgreen: Sketch / Pencil Art………

:bulletwhite: Line Art

:bulletgreen: Bishoujos (Non Chibi style) [COLOURED]………

:bulletwhite: Wallpapers (with character) [COLOURED]
Gaah dont have exaamples yet.

:bulletgreen: Chibi [COLOURED]………

:bulletwhite: Art Trade
~ Linearts w linearts, chibis w chibis. Like that.
~ Of course, examples are above.. But here I will show you more. xD
~:bulletgreen: Highlighters (traditional art)…
~:bulletwhite: Damuro lineart (Colour lines.)…
~:bulletgreen: Groups (Ofcourse it is much expensive.)…
~:bulletwhite: Grayscale (Llaallaa)…

:bulletgreen: Pixels
~I do pixel art occasionally. If you want then you must give sizes.
~Animated ones cost 2 points per frame. So you'll have to tell me how many frames do you want. ^^
Examples~ Look around in my gallery. ^^

:bulletwhite: Price
~ Prices are based on how good my drawing is and also base on your affordity (eh?) And I will draw based on the points you give. Minimum, 3 points. Send me emails or notes to order. :D

:bulletgreen: Extras
~ I sucked at drawing men. xD
~ I sucked at hands too, but now im getting better.
~ Nost of my drawings.. Have NO NOSE... undersome circumstances.. Of course, you can request for them.

Do buy.. Eventhough Its not nice.. It will help me so much..

I heart tips.


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Digital Art Commision: Fullbody
Always full coloured! So dont worry! ~..~


Miss Grun
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Yo! My name is _________! You can call me by my fav ocs name, Miss Grun. And she also represents me. :la:

Eventhough... My hair's not brown. My eyes arent green. TT^TT

I have 3 ocs, 1 males, and 2 females. Missgrun is my first oc ever. Second is named Canbee. In short for Canterburybell. Next is Canbee's partner, Soster, In short for Solidaster. The one with missgrun on the pic in Mr Green.. ♥^^ My fiance's OC.

Come Join My Group~(Malaysians Only.)


DeArs = DEviant ARters (Deviants)
Hehehe, I know its so small. At first I didnt find any Malaysian Group, so I made one. Then, I found a group with 1000++ members. Oh man.
But I wont put an end to it. x(

Hmmm.... I'm an amateur in this art world... I play gaia online... Add me~ Xx_Flytrapmaiden_xX~ And.. My twitter.. MissGrun3298.. Follow me~ ;) My blog is in Bahasa, and Ive never updated it. So I dont wanna share. (The link is in my twitter, Btw) Emm.. Dunno what to say~ IluvArts~ Soo much~ (eventhough im a critical noob)

I'm Malaysian. Heey~ ^^
And of course, I prefer if you speak Malay to me. And, Pardon me for bad + horrible english. I've been learning english so hard for international uses. So... If I make mistakes, plz dont say that I'm FAIL or something. ^^'

Yaaaay~ Finally got a piece of Wacom Bamboo G3 tablet.. Yay~~
So I work with it now. And im no longer a mousedraw artist.

Im pretty much easy to be excited. Almost excited at everything. xDD
So dont fell like "whoa this girl is overreacting"
Coz its my nature. ^^

I hate my username like, seriously.
I made it like that coz that was my Gaia username.
But now I've changed the Gaia name, and stuck with
GreenCuteGirlyGirl on my Deviantart.
Damn. Im not even cute & girly.
Btw, Im also known as MiSS GRuN~
I'll be happy if you call me that. ^^

(✘) Single
(✔) Taken by Mr.Green ♥

Wishlist: (due to boreness (or boredom?) I wrote this down.)

I wunt this.

!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr~ TT^TT
Now I just want a hug. =_=.

Lovable Arts~ Do view!! Do view!!!!:
MiSS GRuN by Kittyangelz3 :thumb272918167: Miss Grun Art 1 by GreenCuteGirlyGirl Miss Grun Art 2 by GreenCuteGirlyGirl Miss Grun Art 3 by GreenCuteGirlyGirl Miss Grun Art 4 by GreenCuteGirlyGirl Miss Grun Art 5 by GreenCuteGirlyGirl Miss Grun Art 6 by GreenCuteGirlyGirl MIss Grun by yukitoki Mizz Grun by ShinSetsuka

Tagged by: :iconikmalhidayat:

The rules:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten (10) new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6. No tag backs.
7. No nonsense in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
8. You have to tag 10 people.

About me
1. I am an artist.. Not really, but I love drawing.
2. I love my tablet, 3ds, phone and desktop like hell. So if you just happen to break into my house or something, dont take those. You'll lose your genital.
3. Here's a secret. Watashi ga yaoi ga suki. >/////<
4. I love Len Kagamine. :3 Love like love I would marry him. xD
5. I sleep with a knife.
6. I prefer to keep my gender unknownin the internet.. So.. I.. may.. be.. a.. guy.. xD
7. I love the colour green. Is that news to you?
8. I.. Uh.. I.. Am allergic to perfume..
9. I dont know what to say anymore. Uhh.. Uhm.. I like to read.. Classics. Nerd huh? No. AWESOME is the correct word.
10. I will have XBox 360 when my sister gets married.

My answers to Ikmalhidayat's questions

1. What do u think about anime?
Cool. I respect anime makers.

2. If you know Vocaloid, which one that you love the most and state why.
KAGAMINE LEN. AAAAARGH. Dunno why but he's cute.

3. Are you an artist of drawing anime/manga character? if so, then PROVE IT!!! (evil laugh)
This is super ugly but ohwell. Kagamine Len Sketch by GreenCuteGirlyGirl

4. What songs do you like? if any of Miku's songs, then give a title then sing it (of course, sing it for yourself)
Antichlorobenzene by Kagamine Rin. Gomen ne Miku. ;w;. But I'll sing Yellow as well. Kimi no egao torikaesu tame~
Itsudatte boku wa uta wo yamenai~~~ OK ENUFF.

5. What console do you usually play for games and state what game do you like to play the most even though you never played it. PS2, PS3, Wii, 3DS, XBOX, XBOX360, PSOne, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Gameboy or with a COMPUTER??
My 3DS. I play Bookstore dream when I'm bored.. And Speedx 3D.

6. Do you know Kiss x Sis anime?? is so, do you watched it till the end of the episode? if you do know and watched the whole episode, then, you are pXXvXXt...

7. Do you like console games more than PC games even though you dont have one? If so, do you really want to play it with your computer?
I like pc games more. Huhu. Dunno why.

8. If you are Final Fantasy gamer / fan, which seires you like the most and if you are a character in your favorite Final Fantasy game/film, what will you do?
Nope. So I'll skippu.

9. Are you 18 and above? if so, state how's your life
Under 18. No Fear. Even so, my life is great now. xD

10. If your are a man/boy or a woman/girl, do you ever thing of being the opposite gender? if so, why?
Hmmm.. I would LOOOVE to. So I could flirt with girls LOL.
So I could xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Uhm.. Now my questions. Theyre super simple.. Sooo.. Just answer already!
1. Do you love the colour green? If yes, why? If no.... *gets knife out* WHY?
2. What anime do you suggest to people with lots of free time?
3. Ok so how many languages do you master now?
4. What were you doing. Before. You. Touched. The. Power. Button.
5. If slenderman is behind you, what on earth would you do? Plz google slenderman if you dont know.
6. Now.. I.. Uh.. Okay, say you've found a Nintendo 3ds on the shopping mall floor. Bright and new. What will you do?
7. What type of starter pokemons do you always choose and why?
(if you dont play pokemon, then if grass beats water, water beats fire, fire beats grass. Choose one element.)
8. Most favourite vocaloid pairing. (yaoi n yuri is welcomed.)
9. If you can, name me 5 frogs. Scientific Name puress. :D N enjoy the view while you search. xD
10. How old are youuu? *pedobear laugh*

The person i would like to tagged:
  • Mood: Egghead
  • Listening to: Antichlorobenzene - Rin Kagamine
  • Reading: Uhm. Alphabet soup.

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